KYUNGCHEN KHADING bshri_singhay Shri Simha “Soaring Garuda”

Kyungchen Khading (Tib. khyung chen mkha’ lding) is a terma teaching on tregchöd discovered by Longchenpa (1308-1363), concealed by Vimalamitra, and composed by Shri Simha.

Kyungchen Khading can be translated as “Soaring Garuda”, which is a metaphor of Tregchöd (khregs chod). Tregchöd means total relaxation in pure empty primordial presence, beyond all frames of reference based upon cause and effect.

The Master Shri Simha (8th c.) is, without doubt the figure of greatest relevance in the history of the introduction of Dzogchen in Tibet.  He was a disciple of the master Manjushrimitra and obtained the supreme siddhi of total realization. He had many important disciples including Vimalamitra and Vairochana.